It doesn’t matter how the story of Coolsculpting came along, one thing is certain, in the world of cosmetic surgery; if it works we will manage the side effects as long as the procedure is non-invasive, and the results are beyond more than expected.

Coolsculpting is a procedure that makes use of a process called cryolipolys is; a situation where fat cells are frozen in the body using controlled temperatures that are detrimental to the fat cells but not to the human skin to eliminate fat from the body. Now that is technology at its best.

Despite this beautiful non-invasive procedure, many patients still want to know how much time this procedure last, and how many more times after the initial Coolsculpting time is over for the first procedure. Well without further ado, we will answer all your questions in this brief, but informative article on all you need to know about Coolsculpting and how long it lasts.

How Long Does Coolsculpting Last?

This single question can be viewed from two ways – one how long does the procedure last for patients that have not undergone the procedure or how long the process last for patients that just underwent the procedure.

Taking the former into consideration, a Coolsculpting procedure depends on the area that needs fat freezing and how much fat is located in the area. Large areas take more time, and you might come back for more procedure to enjoy a permanent Coolsculpting result, but by and large, the procedure should last about 60 minutes max with a good facility and medical practitioner from Body Sculpting.

Now if you are considering the later, a Coolsculpting procedure, though completely permanent should last as long as you follow the doctor’s instructions and some social and personal habits.

So to answer your question –how long does Coolsculpting last?

It is a long-term permanent cosmetic result that will last for years if you lead a healthy lifestyle and exercise well, even if you only walk 30 minutes a day. However one should bear in mind that Coolsculpting is not a weight loss regimen nor can it prevent the further formation of fat cells in the sculpted region. So you have to listen to your doctor.

How Much Fat Cells Are Removed During A Coolsculpting Procedure?

A single Coolsculpting procedure can naturally remove 20 to 25 percent of the fat cell in the region on which the procedure was performed. It is a cosmetic contouring procedure and not a weight loss regimen. It gives an illusion of weight loss as the body sheds off dead fat cells revealing a more sculpted look and appearance.

The good thing about Coolsculpting is that it is good for all body and skin types if you don’t suffer from any underlying or physical ailment that can stop the doctor from performing the procedure on you.

However, it is paramount to know that permanent Coolsculpting is only effective for small pockets of fat cells; for larger areas, there is a probability that you have to repeat the procedure a couple of time to get the required contouring that is needed. Coolsculpting works better when you have lost weight, but some fat cells still hang on, then you can achieve that perfect body with this procedure.

Coolsculpting Differs For Different Body Types

Getting a Coolsculpting procedure because of a friend might leave you disappointed as the number of treatment to attain that sculpted look different from one patient to another. If and when you decide to get a Coolsculpting procedure, book and meet up a specialist doctor that understands the tricks of the trade like for some professional service and advice.

Is Coolsculpting Procedure Safe?

Well if you count no knives, cuts, and sewing as safe then yes. However, the non-invasive procedure comes with minimal risk and the best contour irregularities correction procedure that doesn’t involve any cutting or numbness.

The Coolsculpting machine is so precise that it leaves room for little errors and just like a chisel in the hands of an artist.

Why Is Coolsculpting Worth It?

Coolsculpting has many benefits and the best are

  • It is non-surgical
  • It is non-invasive
  • It requires little or no recovery time

In fact, when Coolsculpting is performed by a qualified and certified doctor, you can drive yourself home after the procedure and just wait for the result to start showing up.

Aftercare For A Coolsculpting Procedure

There is really no specific aftercare tip for the procedure but for people with sensitive skin or that are prone to swelling and easy bruising, we suggest the following

  • Rubbing down the affected area to ease the swelling
  • Taking the recommended pain killer for patients that feel pain
  • And resting, lots of it

The Side Effects Of Coolsculpting

Even though Coolsculpting is a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure; there are side effects of the coolness of the sculpting tool on the skin. They are

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Sensitivity
  • Skin redness and localized pain, all of which disappears within 24 to 48 hours of the treatment.

How Much Do I Pay To Have A Permanent Coolsculpting Procedure Done?

Because Coolsculpting is a cosmetic procedure and not a sickness or ailment, it is not covered in a normal health insurance plan. Furthermore, the prices vary from facility to facility, and from doctor to doctor. The skills of the surgeon, the width of the area, and the applicator also come into play when analyzing the cost of Coolsculpting.

The price range from 700 to 900 dollars for small areas like your chin and over 1000 dollars for a session for a large area like the arm, back, thigh, stomach, etc.

Choosing A Good Facility

Coolsculpting is a good procedure and great for contouring and removing unwanted underlying fat cells that can cause troubles in your life. Although the process is not surgical, you need a good doctor to see you through the process. At Body Sculpting, we have the best of the best Coolsculpting surgeon at your disposal; just visit us at today.