Yes, Coolsculpting is permanent, and if you have been searching for a non-invasive surgical procedure to eliminate that stubborn fat that doesn’t want to leave you, this Coolsculpting treatment might be the best thing that ever happened to you.

What is Coolsculpting?

Coolsculpting is a fairly new fat removal technique introduced and approved by the FDA in 2012. And targets areas on the body where diet and exercise have failed to make a difference. The procedure uses freezing the fat cells in our body to death to reshape your body giving you a better outline and outward appearance.

So what is Coolsculpting? This is a safe, non-invasive surgical fat treatment technique that effectively removes fat cells from your body to give you a slimmer and sexier look without the pains of surgery and anesthesia.

How do Coolsculpting works?

Cryolipolysis is the science behind Coolsculpting, and although it’s a mouthful, it has proven to be a safer, faster and even more effective method of removing fat from the body using controlled cool temperature.

Science has discovered that when fat cells in the body are subjected to low temperatures of -5 to 5 degrees Celsius, the fat cells crystallize and die off. This knowledge is what is employed in Coolsculpting to give you the body of your choice by killing off excess fat in areas you don’t want them for a slimmer contour.

So, what happens to the dead cells in the body? Well as with any cell, they are passed out from the body as waste products. If you are ready for a procedure, just walk into our office or visit for more information or book an appointment for a Coolsculpting permanent treatment done on you.

How do Coolsculpting works?

First of all, it is nothing like liposuction where you use a cannula to remove fat, but it does use a tool. It uses a scientific cooling mechanism whereby through controlled cooling temperature applied on to the skin to freeze the underlying fat cells without damaging the skin or the surrounding tissues but cause death to the cells.

These fat cells are then broken down in the body and collected by the immune system and eliminated like any other waster material while you get up looking better than you came in.

Is Coolsculpting a method of losing weight?

Even though you look slim and obviously shed a few pounds, you need to remember that Coolsculpting is not a weight loss alternative. As you grow older, fat cells in our body either shrink with weight loss or expand with weight gain. These fat cells don’t go anywhere during this process but with liposuction and Coolsculpting; the fat cells are removed and never come back.

Who is a candidate for Coolsculpting for?

Coolsculpting is a beautiful fat elimination procedure that is great for anyone who is healthy and wants to eliminate stubborn fat that has refused to go away.

So if you are up for this non-invasive fat reduction technique, then you are most certainly welcome to visit for the best doctors to help you with this one of a kind FDA approved fat elimination method.

What areas can Coolsculpting get rid of fat?

If we had our way, we will remove fat from everywhere on our body, but that is not possible; well not yet. However, the size of the Coolsculpting device makes it so easy to use and reach all places where you want the fat to be gone from. With Coolsculpting, you can eliminate fat from the flanks, thighs, bust area, underarm, back fat, inner thighs, stomach area, chin, and buttock. The good things about Coolsculpting are that it will deliver excellent results with its ability to remove fat once and for all or better having a body with fewer fat cells that will boost your self-esteem.

How to get started with Coolsculpting treatment?

The first step is booking an appointment with us on our website and have a date and time fixed with any of our specialist for a one on one discussion.

When you come in to see our doctors, w will discuss the procedure and what it entails to you. Our medical personnel will take their time to be a thorough as possible leaving no stones unturned to calm any fears or doubts you have about the procedure.

After the discussion, it is examination time next. The doctor looks at your body from different angles for the area you want the procedure will be done.

We provide the best Coolsculpting treatment by tailoring a plan that suits your body shape, and that will help you achieve the best result for you. have a different applicator to choose from that will enhance the look and contour you are going for.

The areas are marked off- for some patients that walk through our doors, you might need more than a treatment before the desired result is achieved. This process allows for multiple procedures is normally for candidates that want fat removed in more than one area of the body.

Results are clearly visible after the process and are the most holistic approach to eliminating fat without surgery.

On the day of the treatment, you don’t need any anesthesia or numbness, the doctors step in and rubs a gel and with an applicator at the particular area. The process is so easy and painless that you can read a book or chat on your phone until the process is done.

During this process, fat cells are frozen, and in the coming weeks, they are gradually broken down by the body and eliminated as waste giving you a slimmer body in no time without pain.

When the fat cells are broken down, the leftover fat cells reorganize to give the contour you desire.

Now back to the question, is Coolsculpting a permanent fat treatment for you?

Yes, it is, the process will not only remove fat, but you can be sure that it will never come back again. This can also give you the opportunity to access your body in the event of more treatment in the future.