Unless invasive plastic surgery procedure is the last option you have to eliminate stomach fat, then removing stomach fat without surgery is certainly possible but don’t expect any overnight results.

Belly fat removal without surgery is now applicable in many medical and certified hospitals with various means that can help you with limited pain and distress.

There are various methods to remove belly fat – starting from changing your lifestyle such as moving more if you have a sedentary lifestyle or indulging in the proper diet but the truth is these approached don’t target the stomach alone.

What Are The Available Surgical Procedures For Removing Belly Fat?

When considering eliminating our belly fat, the options of surgery or no surgery comes to play. Unlike the invasive surgical procedures like tummy tucks, liposuction, and others, non-invasive surgical procedures are faster, requires less prepping time, comes with little or no pain, and the recovery process depends on you. The procedures are so painless that you can use your break time at work to get one done, but since the tummy is a large surface area, you need time to sit comfortably and let the procedure run its full course.

With every surgical procedure, it is paramount that we understand that regardless of the technique involved, there are side effects and people react to different treatment in positive or negative ways. Below are some non-invasive surgical techniques to eliminate fat from the stomach.


Coolsculpting for belly is the first on our list not because it’s the best per se, but it is the go-to for most people that can tolerate a cold temperature to remove fat cells without any problems.

Coolsculpting uses the process called cryolipolysis which is using colder temperatures in the range of  -5 to +5 to kill the fat cell under the skin which is then eliminated from the body leaving you with a flatter and well-contoured body in a couple of months.

The process requires no surgery, anesthesia, needles or any invasive procedure or prep time prior to performing it. Depending on the fat accumulation and surface area, the process will have to be repeated a number of times to get the right flatness.

The side effects for Coolsculpting are swelling, redness, bruising from the coldness of the applicator on the skin, cramping, itching, all of which are temporary and will pass away after a few days or weeks.

If your stomach fat is a problem and your clothes don’t fit right, Coolsculpting is an option to consider for belly fat removal with surgery. The process will reduce 25 percent of your original fat pockets and will take about an hour or more. The cost of a stomach Coolsculpting procedure is about 2000 dollars.


This is another belly fat removal without surgery technique that involves the use of heat treatment to melt fat away. A ThermiTight procedure heats the sub-dermal layer with frequency waves at different length with provokes the production of collagen that helps smooth out your skin and flattens it too.

When the treatment is done, the doctor bandages you up to ease the swellings and you can go about your daily affairs no questions asked. This non-invasive procedure uses infrared cameras and thermal detector to regulate how much heat goes into the skin to prevent any side effects.

The procedure cost about 1500 dollars to 4000 dollars depending on location, doctor and fat in the skin.


Also known as Zerona Z-6 is a non-invasive belly fat removal procedure that utilizes a laser to emulsify loose fat tissue to dissolve them. In this procedure, patients must undergo 6 procedures lasting 20 minutes each to get a reasonable result. The process is said to lose about 3.6 inches around the circumference of your waist which is not bad.

Patients viable for Zerona are having trouble with burning tummy fat but not a good procedure for overweight or obese people. Other criteria for the success of this technique are patients are required to stay within a strict diet regimen before and after the procedure. The process cost range from 1200 dollars to 1700 dollar for all treatment with very good results too.


The first non-surgical, non-invasive fat removal procedure approved by the FDA to properly eliminate belly fat, flanks, back, inner and outer thighs from Cynosure, Inc.

This technology is light-based and is a guaranteed way for belly fat removal without surgery on the cosmetic market. The promises remove this fat through controlled hyperthermia fat reduction that takes place over 25 minutes procedures until the doctor is done with the entire area.

What Does The Company Say About Their Procedure?

Cynosure Inc boldly claims that clients that under this procedure see a well-defined result with six to twelve weeks without any prepping from neither the start nor any recovery process after you are done; you are able to return to your daily routines including work, daily chores and exercises immediately. Well as with the side effects, SculpSure has the same side effects like all non-surgical and non-invasive procedure as redness, swelling, itching, bleeding, little pain and tenderness all of which fades away over time.

Patients viable for this contouring procedure are those looking to eliminate fat to look good, this belly fat removal without surgery is not a weight loss procedure and most people that have undergone this procedure will notice that the patch of skin treated is lighter than other regions, but you will get a defined and contoured body afterward. The cost for the procedure is 1200 to 1500 US dollars for the area of the body needed – the belly.


If you are looking to eliminate belly fat without surgery, this is your technique aside from Coolsculpting. This procedure has been known to very effective for removing the stubborn fat that has refused to go away after prolonged exercise and dieting.

The technique uses a waist circumference reduction procedure that employs the need of radiofrequency and a low laser treatment to breakdown the fat cells. It takes four to six treatments to lose about 2 to 4 inches from the waist circumference. Unlike other non-invasive procedure employed to remove belly fat, Vanquish has little side effect and it feels like sleeping under an electric warm blanket. This process is not recommended for any area of the body only for belly fat removal without surgery. The cost is a token of 500 dollars for each session and 2000 or 3000 US dollars for 4 to 6 sessions.

For more information on this procedure and a facility that does them, visit bodysculptingedu.com for all you need about belly fat removal without surgery.