Having your selfies looking like an old lady lately because of you double chin; don’t worry, the world of cosmetic surgery is always around to give you a procedure to keep you looking younger and feeling youthful with or without surgery, but if you are freak about needles and going to sleep; then relax you can enjoy a double chin Coolsculpting procedure which is a non-invasive treatment that aims to remove double chin fat.

Double chin is a result of skin looseness, loss of collagen and elasticity over time causing it to hang loosely around your jawline. Normally, double chin starts at an early age of 20 and depends on how you take care of yourself, diet, and exercise and lifestyle habits. Other factors that can also cause double chin are smoking, excessive exposure to sunlight.

Two muscles – the sternocleidomastoid and the platysma are responsible for toning the face and chin. When you work on these muscles, you are able to tighten your chin muscles to give a younger and youthful look.

Double Chin Coolsculpting

Coolsculpting is a freeze fat procedure for tackling stubborn fat in areas like the arms, stomach, thighs, and back, but happy new for double chin owners, the FDA just cleared the Coolsculpting as a non-invasive treatment for double chin fat removal which is a plus for many of us.

To get more information and how Coolsculpting can help you eliminate your double chin, visit www.bodysculptingedu.com. The double chin is the most difficult fat area to be eliminated; people used liposuction to eliminate double chin fat, but the invasive procedure wasn’t compatible with many patients.

Other forms of reducing double chin fat involve chin exercising which quite frankly many people don’t have the patience for. So the coolest and most effective contouring is the double chin Coolsculpting that addresses that excess fat under the chin and alters your ego after a treatment.

What Is The Cause For A Double Chin?

Aside from the obvious, weight gain, double chin is caused by other factors, buy a double chin or submental fat is a very popular aspect of people’s lives and is a condition characterized by the formation of another skin around your normal chin making the neck area look fluffy and large. Depending on the person with a double chin, it can cause great discomfort and damage to body confidence and self-esteem. With the advent of Coolsculpting, the non-invasive double chin treatment can be addressed to give you a single chin and a fine face.

Double Chin Coolsculpting Procedure

When you decide to go for a double chin Coolsculpting, you will need to book an appointment with a good surgeon or get a great recommendation to a facility that performs Coolsculpting on the chin.

Although this procedure is not a new one, Coolsculpting on the chin is new and can be handled by only a handful of qualified and certified doctors. When you come in for a procedure, you are met by a trained doctor at our facility, Body Sculpting. The patient lay down and tilts their head backward gently where the doctor will apply a gel pad and applicator to the chin area. A Coolsculpting device is a handheld tool with a nozzle that delivers controlled cold temperatures to the targeted fat in the chin.

The doctor moves the device to and fro while applying suction and cooling technology to the targeted area – your double chin. During this procedure, the patient will feel some tugging and pinching feeling, but the pain is bearable as the area is immediately massaged after the treatment. This massage breaks up any frozen skin tissue and also assist your body to start breaking the fat cell and excreting them.

How Long Does A Double Chin Coolsculpting Take?

Just as stated, the duration depends on how large the region is and how much fat is accumulated and needs to be removed. However, a regular double chin fat removal procedure takes about 30 to 40 minutes.

What To Expect After A Double Chin Treatment?

Since there are no preparations for double chin Coolsculpting, there are definitely some precautions to take after the procedure. Most people that come in for this procedure go back to their daily routine as if nothing happened, but in fewer cases, patients have been observed to experience minor itching, pains, swellings, and soreness around the jawline; all this little distress are known to disperse within two or three days for people with high pain tolerance, and about a week for others.

You will start seeing notable changes around the chin area after 2 to three weeks, and the result continues months later when all it will be glaring to the public eye that your double chin has disappeared, and your face is looking younger.

Remember: your body will continue to rid itself of the dead fat cells until all is removed from your system. However, just because Coolsculpting of the chin is great doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. It is not, but you should go back for more checkups after a procedure in case. There is usually no reason, but a checkup won’t hurt.

Double Chin Coolsculpting Cost?

Normally, a double chin fat removal treatment requires two or more visits to the doctor’s office as one treatment will not give that full facelift look you are aiming for. The cost also depends on the facility and location with the type of procedures followed, but prices are usually in the range of 1000 US dollars to 1500 US dollars and are usually not covered in a regular health insurance plan.

Body Sculpting is a facility that teaches people about these non-invasive surgical means so that they can reduce the risks involved with invasive procedures and even death. bodysculptingedu.com  has the right and approved medical doctors who are certified in performing a double chin Coolsculpting procedure with the best techniques to limit the side effect and have you looking young for just the right amount.

If you need more information on this technique or looking for a place to have one done, don’t hesitate to reach out for an appointment today.