Surgeries – whether invasive or non-invasive- will always have side effects. The truth is Coolsculpting process and treatment will always have a negative effect as long as the human body is involved.

Although it doesn’t have any obvious or bad negatives, Coolsculpting treatment still has effects that you have to know prior to the procedure.

What is Coolsculpting?

Also known as cryolipolysis is a non-invasive surgical procedure that aims to contour your body. In this plastic surgery procedure, the surgeon uses freezing tools instead of the regular cannula in liposuction. When the fat cells are frozen, they die and are broken down by the body and excreted from the body by the liver.

A Coolsculpting treatment costs anything from a thousand dollars and above. Although the process is new, it has garnered unbelievable trust from people around the world because of the technique used to eliminate fat from the body.

What are the negative effects of Coolsculpting?

We have to remember that Coolsculpting treatment and all procedures related to it is still new and still undergoing research; it is the most effective, safe and non-invasive method of reducing fat from the body away from the regular procedures that are invasive and painful like liposuction.

Patients that undergo this procedure don’t feel any pain except a pulling sensation where the skin touches the metal cooling plates that freeze the fat cells. Patients that come for Coolsculpting treatment in our facility immediately walk away after the procedure as there is no recovery time or resting period as it doesn’t involve any anesthesia.

The most notable side effect is only around the area where the procedure takes place and nowhere else. Most side effects are minor and are just the regular reaction of the pressure and cooling effect on the skin during the process.

Some Coolsculpting effects are swelling, bruising, redness of the area, itching due to the coolness, a contracting feeling, pain (mild to moderate depending on the individual), cramping, diarrhea as the dead cells leave the body and a feeling of tightness experiences with patients that had chin and neck Coolsculpting done.

All these side effects usually disappear after a couple of days and are completely gone after a few weeks.

Who is a candidate for Coolsculpting treatment?

Coolsculpting is great for people that have been dieting or exercising yet they have stubborn fats hanging for dear life in their body. Coolsculpting is for men or women that want to eliminate fat but want a non-invasive procedure to achieve a well sculpted and contoured body. Although the procedure makes you look slimmer and smaller Coolsculpting is not a weight loss option.

However, one effect of Coolsculpting is the ability to maintain particular body weight while getting rid of stubborn pockets of fat in your body.

Who is a candidate for this procedure?

Even though fat will not reappear in the sculpted region again, you should maintain a healthy lifestyle including eating well and living well. Furthermore, candidates must be in good health and have a good weight, want to eliminate fats around the body and have high skin elasticity and tone

Candidates that are not viable for this procedure and the reasons are listed below but even if you are tagged fit, but suffer from one or more of this procedure, let your surgeon know prior to the procedure.

Coolsculpting is not for everyone and if you suffer from cold agglutinin disease, cryoglobulinemia or have suffered from any allergies, hernia or had any recent surgeries; we will not be performing any Coolsculpting treatment of any kinds on you.

At Body Sculpt facility, we don’t joke with your health or your medical history, we have recorded a high success rate. Furthermore, we will not perform Coolsculpting on you if you are obese, have poor skin elasticity, excessive scar tissue in the area where Coolsculpting will occur and skin Other candidates that are not qualified for this process in patients with low immune system, women trying to conceive or is pregnant or nursing a baby, on medications such as blood thinners, diabetes, inability to withstand pain and anxiety.

What are the long term side effects of Coolsculpting process?

Records show that over 7 million people globally have undergone Coolsculpting treatment but aside the short term effect; there are long-term side effects are as follows:

  • Pain that doesn’t go away immediately and last up to a month or more
  • A change in the skin color due to the cold temperature applied to the skin
  • Loss of sensitivity in the mouth, lips or tongue for patients that had chin or neck Coolsculpting treatment
  • Dryness and reduction in saliva production
  • Freeze burn and numbness in the region
  • A feeling of dizziness, sweating, and drowsiness
  • Formation of scar tissue that hardens that can be painful and uncomfortable

How can I reduce the pains after Coolsculpting?

Your doctor will give you any painkiller medication after the process to help you with any pain you might feel later on. Furthermore, you should follow your doctor’s instructions for quick healing.

Some tips are

  • Massage the area to warm it up and kick the cold effect away
  • Don’t take any medicine before Coolsculpting process and let your doctor know if you have taken any drugs?
  • Medications like ibuprofen are excellent for pain and inflammation
  • Have your doctor on speed dial in case you feel any discomfort you don’t understand.
  • Practice deep breathing exercises or simple yoga stretches to aid faster relief from pain

Where to go for Coolsculpting?

As read in the article, the procedure is relatively new and hence fewer doctors are aware of all the details and how to of the process.

However, to avoid unnecessary side effects after Coolsculpting, visit us and book an appointment today on our website,

If you need more information about Coolsculpting, we are also available and ready to answer your questions to clear all doubts and fears. With that said, Coolsculpting has proven an effective means for fat cell disintegration which the need for needles or other harsh tools.