Most clients that walk through our door have one question in mind, how long does a Coolsculpting procedure take? Will I have to come in multiple times to achieve the desired result?

Well, with many people vast with liposuction and procedures related to it, they are oblivious about other methods of that are used by doctors/plastic surgeons to remove fat from your body that doesn’t involve an invasive process like liposuction.

So the all mighty question is how long does a Coolsculpting process take?

Depending on the area and how many procedures are needed to get the desired result that is how long a Coolsculpting process time will take, but a single procedure will take about 45 to 60 minutes.

This timing can either be decreased or increased depending on how large the area that will be sculpted. For example, a chin procedure will take less time than a tummy or fat removal from your love handles.

So when you schedule a visit to our facility, you should be in and out within an hour look better than when you came in. The more areas that are worked on, the more time you are likely to spend in our facility.

What do I start seeing changes to my body?

Patients that have walked through our doors have reported instant change notable within two to three day after the procedure is done. However, we have to let you know that the result is more glaring after weeks and months before the desired goals can be seen.

The procedures will take approximately 25 to 30 percent fats from your body which will be excreted from your body through the liver without you doing anything else that using the restroom a bit more than others.

What happens during each Coolsculpting procedure?

We already know how long a procedure takes but let’s break it down. When a patient walks into our facility, we sit down to discuss the price and time including other processes that will be done and how it will go.

We go as far as discuss any normal side effects like the coolness, itchiness and tingling sensations that occur during the process just to settle you in calmly.

We also recommend bringing company with you or bring your work on the day of the procedure as this non-surgical procedure doesn’t require any invasive method at any point except for the one-hour relaxation you get to enjoy during the process.

Coolsculpting process time includes the time the doctor takes to check your body, make demarcations, measure the fat quantity and get you ready for the procedure.

You are then attached to the machine where the settings are inputted prior to starting. If you are doing two treatments on your tummy, one for your back and one for your love handles at once that means you will spend a total of 4 hours in our facility to cover all the process.

Which part of the body can Coolsculpting be used for?

A cool sculpting procedure can be used on all parts of the body – it can be used for the chin and neck giving you an instant face-lift

It can be used to reduce excess fat around the breast, back, stomach, lower tummy, inner and outer thighs, and buttocks. In fact, if you have anywhere else, let us know, and we will discuss if it’s possible and how to go about it.

Our reputation and clients speak for us, and our success rate is impeccable. You will not regret working with us today.

Visit for more information, and get a new, slimmer and sexier you. This procedure can be used for men and women too.

How does the process feel like?

The doctor applies a gel-like substance to the region before placing the Coolsculpting tool over the area. You will begin to feel the cooling effect in the first couple of minutes, but this doesn’t last long. The cold disappears when the applicators start to function.

Patients can immediately go back to their activities after the procedure.

Is Coolsculpting safe?

Yes, it is safe. Coolsculpting was approved by the FDA after lots of testing, and though it’s still new, it has garnered all the attention it needs to be one of the most sought after non-surgical procedures for fat removal in human beings.

What to expect in the Coolsculpting procedure?

Prepping for a Coolsculpting procedure is like any other surgical procedure. You have to book a consultation and discuss all you need to be done. You also have to discuss any medical history that could be an impediment with the doctor. Although the procedure can be carried out immediately

The procedure is a painless one hence you can decide to come alone to our facility yourself and leaves feeling flush, and slim.

One thing not to expect with this procedure or any non-surgical procedure is that it is not a weight loss plan, but a cosmetic plan to have you looking good.

Common questions we have also been asked are as follows.

Can I gain weight in the areas where Coolsculpting is performed?

Yes, you can. As you don’t change your lifestyle or eating habits, there is the likelihood that fat will be accumulated in all area including where Coolsculpting procedure was performed.

Where does the dead fat go to?

When your body undergoes Coolsculpting, the fat cells are frozen. These frozen cells are crystallized and broken down into smaller bits that are easily removed from the body by the liver which are excreted as a waste product.

Is there any aftercare for Coolsculpting procedure?

No, you basically walk out after the procedure. However because we know that people tolerate pain differently, simple painkillers are prescribed for patients after the procedure depending on how they feel.

Do you want to know more about Coolsculpting procedure and want to know more, then do not hesitate to visit our facility or website page for more information or for a procedure. We are a certified body with highly trained and qualified doctors to discuss with you the process and what it entails?