Double chin is one of the main reason why clients walk through our door, for many people having a double chin aka turkey neck; jowl is not pleasant and will not be tolerated. The chin is one of those areas that don’t particularly have any exercise routine that can target the area.

With age we accumulate excess fat under our chin which make us look older than we are, but thank science and technology, double chin Coolsculpting is giving people the chin they want.

Coolsculpting treatment for double chin will not only rid you of your double chin but is a non-surgical procedure that will accentuate and reduce under chin fat by up to 25 percent in a single treatment. The double chin Coolsculpting has also shown to improve skin contraction faster than other surgical procedures.

Coolsculpting Treatment for Double Chin

Coolsculpting is a process that freezes your stubborn fat cells or helps eliminate fat cells in an obscure location to give you a better look which is then disposed of through the lymphatic system. The treatment is performed by rubbing the gel on the chin then with the use of an applicator and controlled cooling freeze the fat cells until they die off.

During the Coolsculpting treatment, you will experience some pinching and pulling effect but not to keep you curled up or wailing. The device is gently moved across the length of your chin to freeze the fat cells and break them up.

The breaking up process makes it easy for the lymphatic system to absorb the pieces and you excrete it. Even though some have described the process as uncomfortable, the main takeaway from Coolsculpting is that it is painless and non-invasive.

The process takes over an hour maximum but will deliver excellent results that will wow you and make your chin looking slim and face looking youthful.

How much and how long does a double chin Coolsculpting takes

A typical chin Coolsculpting treatment lasts about 35 to 60 minutes, and you may have to come for more treatments to get a perfect face. The procedure costs about 2000 US dollars.

Prepping for a chin Coolsculpting procedure

Log on to our website and book an appointment with us today. You can have the procedure as you don’t need any preparation before a Coolsculpting chin procedure.

The doctor examines you to ensure you are healthy and is the ideal body weight for the process. You also have to be fit and don’t have any underlying disease or on any prescription drug.

When you are certified okay by our doctor, you will be booked for the process at a date of your choosing.

On the appointment date, you will just lie down and enjoy the doctor do his thing, and in 40 minutes you are done with a brand you sculpted chin for your face.

What to expect after a double chin Coolsculpting Treatment?

  • Unlike liposuction, Coolsculpting of the chin doesn’t really need any recovery time, patients can walk into our facility any time of the day and return back to their daily routine with just minor swelling or redness that disappears in a couple of weeks
  • The result for a double chin Coolsculpting is usually noticeable by two weeks and continues to firm up for up to six months as the body flushes out the dead fat cells from the body.
  • Remember that you have to continue to lead a healthy lifestyle and Coolsculpting is not a procedure for losing weight or a cure for obesity.

The Benefits of Coolsculpting double chin

It gives you a well-defined chin and jawline: that is definite as most clients that have come to our facility have testified how different they look after the procedure. If you need more pictures before you make your mind;

It is a non-surgical procedure: we all love Coolsculpting because of this one factor. For those that have a phobia for needles and blood, this is the best procedure for attaining defined chin and jawline without the fear associated with surgery.

It tightens the skin: unlike liposuction that removes just fat, Coolsculpting tightens your skin in the underlying tissue. This means after the double chin treatment procedure, you will notice the skin is no longer hanging, and the fat is gone. So, with Coolsculpting, you score two points – a smooth well-contours chin and no hanging skin.

There is no need for anesthesia or numbing the area: patients that undergo this double chin treatment are found listening to music or reading a book during the procedure as no numbness or anesthesia is needed.

It is fast, smooth and flawless: we have seen how most fat removal procedure takes a long time before, during and after for the procedure to take shape but with Coolsculpting, it is fast. In fact, the double chin procedure takes about 35 to 40 minutes with you walking out on your own.

You can see improvement after a single session: nothing feels better when you have just undergone a cosmetic procedure, and you can see the result immediately; this is what Coolsculpting does to you.

It is affordable: although it is not a couple of hundreds of dollars, it is not as expensive as the other Coolsculpting procedure, or cosmetic procedure is known in the industry.